If you or your family members suffer from hand injuries, from a fracture or sprain to a nerve injury or tendon problem, you can rely on the skills and expertise of our Dallas hand surgeon

Injuries to the finger, hand, wrist and elbow can occur due to sports, work, overuse or trauma. They can be complex and are best treated by someone with expert knowledge of the many bones, tendons, and nerves in the upper extremities. Our board-certified, clinically trained Dallas hand surgeon, Dr. DiLiberti, is qualified to treat hand injuries that you or your family members may incur.


Broken bones happen to young and old and can be relatively simple or complex. Our Dallas hand surgeon treats many fractures with splints or casts to immobilize the bone as it heals; but in other circumstances, he may recommend surgery to insert pins, plates or screws into the bones to ensure that the healing is complete.

Nerve injuries

Nerve injuries happen due to everything from a deep cut to a severe trauma. Nerves in the hands are especially fine and delicate, so the outcome of nerve injury surgery can be especially dependent upon the skill of the surgeon. As a board-certified hand surgeon, Dr. DiLiberti received the specialized training necessary to successfully treat nerve injuries.

Sports injuries

We do love our sports in Texas, but sometimes, injuries are part of the game. Our Dallas hand surgeon is highly experienced and qualified in the treatment of sports injuries—everything from fractures, sprains and tendonitis to more specialized injuries such as tennis or golf elbow and growth plate injuries.


Sprains can range from the minimal, where the ligaments are slightly stretched, to the very severe, where the ligaments are completely torn. Sprains should not be ignored, but should be seen by a specialist like our Dallas hand surgeon, who can determine the extent of the injury, as well as the best treatment. Treatment often involves a splint, brace or a cast to let the injury heal, but more severe sprains may require arthroscopic surgery … or even open surgery to place screws, pins or other specialized orthopedic devices in order to completely repair the injuries.

Tendon problems

Our Dallas hand surgeon is well-equipped to deal with extensor tendon injuries, which affect the ability to straighten the fingers. He also treats flexor tendon injuries, which affect the ability to bend the fingers — injuries caused by deep cuts, for example. Other tendon problems can be caused by overuse, sports injuries or accidents. Dr. DiLiberti develops a treatment plan, based on the individual injury and the complexity of the problem.

Dr. DiLiberti, our Dallas hand surgeon, provides patients with the expert care they can rely on when suffering from a finger, hand, wrist or elbow injury

Don’t overlook the importance of expert treatment when it comes to your upper extremities. Contact us to receive the skilled care of our Dallas hand surgeon, Dr. DiLiberti.