Hand & Finger Conditions

Patients with hand and finger conditions can turn to our Dallas hand surgeon, Dr. Thomas DiLiberti, for an accurate diagnosis and exceptional treatment

Many of us take our hands and fingers for granted, not paying attention to how vital they are in our daily lives; however, when we have a problem or injury, we realize just how important they are to us. Dr. Thomas DiLiberti understands this, and he devotes his medical practice to treating hand and finger conditions. As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with a fellowship in hand and microsurgery, he offers the most up-to-date non-surgical and surgical treatments for patients who need a Dallas hand surgeon.

Disruptive to debilitating — common hand and finger conditions

An extremely common hand and finger condition is carpal tunnel syndrome, and Dr. DiLiberti has extensive experience treating this condition with non-surgical and surgical treatment. He also treats cubital tunnel syndrome, which also cause numbness, tingling, and pain. Some of the other hand conditions our Dallas hand surgeon treats include:

Some of the other hand conditions our Dallas hand surgeon treats include:

Arthritis of the hand and fingers

Ulnar tunnel syndrome


De Quervain syndrome involves the tendons located on the thumb side of the wrist and causes pain when the thumb or hand is moved, especially in a side to side motion.

Dupuytren’s disease is also a common hand and finger condition. Our Dallas hand surgeon diagnoses and treats Dupuytren’s Disease which causes the fascia, which is the tissue just beneath the skin, to thicken, causing nodules, cords and pits that cause the fingers to bend toward the palm of the hand.

Finger deformities can be caused by genetic conditions or diseases such as diabetes or arthritis.


Infections need expert and swift treatment, such as that which our Dallas hand surgeon provides. This is essential to the outcome of hand and finger conditions.

Mallet finger occurs when the extensor tendon, the tendon that straightens the fingers, becomes injured or damaged. The result can be mallet finger, a painful condition where the finger droops down and cannot be straightened.

Trigger finger causes pain at the base of the fingers or thumb, right where they join the palm of the hand. Dr. DiLiberti treats stenosing tendinitis, or trigger finger, that may also limit the ability to move the fingers.

Patients who need a Dallas hand surgeon will appreciate the care and commitment that Dr. DiLiberti offers to each patient who needs care for hand and finger conditions.

If you have hand and finger conditions that require medical care, contact us. Dr. DiLiberti and his staff are committed to providing patients with care, compassion and expertise.