Elbow Conditions

Our Dallas orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Thomas DiLiberti, has received specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of elbow conditions and injuries

The elbow is not one bone; instead, it’s a joint that consists of portions of three bones—the radius, the ulna in the lower arm and the humerus in the upper arm. Those three bones fit together like a puzzle, and they’re all held together by ligaments, tendons and muscles. There are many different elbow conditions and injuries, all of which our Dallas orthopedic surgeon, Dr. DiLiberti is trained to diagnose and treat.

Elbow injuries

Many elbow conditions and injuries may be treated with non-surgical methods like rest, ice, splinting or casts, anti-inflammatory medications, exercises or cortisone injections. Depending on the severity of the injury, surgery may also be required. Patients who come to Texas Hand Center can depend on the skills and knowledge of our Dallas orthopedic surgeon, knowing that he will devise an individualized treatment plan that ensures the best outcome for each patient. Some of the elbow injuries we treat are:

Tennis elbow—one of the more well-known elbow conditions and injuries. Surprisingly, most people with tennis elbow don’t play tennis; instead, they work in jobs that involve repetitive motions of the arm and/or wrist—people like plumbers, butchers and carpenters.  Many patients develop tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) from normal daily household activities.

Golfer’s elbow—patients with medial epicondylitis who are looking for a Dallas orthopedic surgeon will benefit from Dr. DiLiberti’s care, whether or not they need surgery. Surgery for golfer’s elbow is often done in the outpatient setting, an area in which Dr. DiLiberti is particularly skilled.

Distal biceps tendon rupture—the tendon that connects the bicep to the radius bone is very important in the function of the arm. This is one of the elbow conditions and injuries that may require very delicate surgery. If the tear is complete, surgery is needed as soon as possible for proper healing.

Olecranon fracture—the olecranon, the pointy projection of the ulna, can be fractured by a direct hit to the bone or even during a fall. It is particularly important to find a Dallas orthopedic surgeon with experience with this type of injury, especially if surgery is necessary.

Dr. DiLiberti is a fellowship trained microsurgeon who treats nerve conditions, nerve injuries and performs nerve reconstruction

As a Dallas orthopedic surgeon who is fellowship trained in microsurgery, Dr. DiLiberti is uniquely qualified to perform microsurgical procedures that may be necessary when people have elbow conditions and injuries that involve nerves. Dr. DiLiberti is experienced and adept at microsurgeries to treat nerve injuries and delicate nerve reconstruction.

Elbow conditions and injuries are best treated by a skilled specialist like our Dallas orthopedic surgeon, Dr. DiLiberti

If you have pain and symptoms that you believe are caused by elbow conditions and injuries, contact us to get the expert help you need from our Dallas orthopedic surgeon.

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Elbow Conditions Treated Dr. DiLiberti

  • Cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Pronator tunnel syndrome
  • Radial tunnel syndrome and nerve palsy
  • Ulnar tunnel syndrome
  • Nerve injuries or lacerations