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Our Dallas hand surgeon welcomes you to our new carefully crafted website

THCGoogle+CoverTexas Hand Center is an established hand and upper extremity surgery center led by Dallas hand surgeon Dr. Thomas C. DiLiberti. Our team put time and effort into creating a new website for you. Here you can access helpful information 24/7, you can request an appointment, learn about our areas of expertise and read about our team.
Dallas hand surgeon Dr. DiLiberti treats carpal tunnel syndrome, injuries, arthritis and conditions of the finger, hand, wrist and elbow

Hands and fingers are very important to our lives. We understand that a hand injury can affect your life and your self-esteem. Dr. DiLiberti helps adults and children with injuries or pain in the hand and upper extremities. We have extensive experience treating carpal tunnel syndrome, as it’s the most common cause of hand surgery.

Our Dallas hand surgeon also specializes in diagnosing and treating sprains, fractures or dislocations. We often diagnose patients the same day as their visit with our in-house digital X-ray. Our campus also houses:

  • A surgical hospital
  • A pharmacy
  • MRI and ultrasound imaging
  • Advanced CT scan
  • Occupational therapy

This full-service approach helps us give the most comprehensive care to our patients.

On-site hand therapy with our certified occupational therapist helps you get in the swing of things faster

While surgery can help many conditions, we also emphasize the importance of nonsurgical techniques as you heal. With patient education, therapeutic techniques and exercises for you to practice at home, we involve patients in their own healing. Many of our patients deal with arthritis, and we can help diagnose, manage and treat your arthritis so you can get back to the things you love.

If you’re looking for a board-certified Dallas hand surgeon with an occupational therapist, contact our Texas Hand Center team. We want to help you regain confidence and mobility while reducing your pain.

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