8 knife safety tips for Thanksgiving


Our Dallas hand surgeon shares 8 knife safety tips for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Knife SafetyThanksgiving is a great time to show off your culinary skills. The main theme of Thanksgiving, other than the giving thanks, of course, is the food. It’s all about breaking bread with loved ones. Before you reach for the carving knife, let’s take a minute to go over knife safety.

Dallas hand surgeon Dr. Thomas C. DiLiberti wants your holiday meal to be safe and satisfying. Follow these eight knife safety tips in the kitchen.

Use an appropriate cutting board. Make sure you’re cutting on a surface large enough to contain the object you’re cutting. Always cut on a surface.

Use a sharp knife. Surprisingly, this is one of the most effective safety tips because a dull blade leads to more sawing and instability.

Cut away from you. Even if your grandmother sliced potatoes with the blade facing her, that doesn’t mean you should cut the same way. Cut away from your body to avoid a trip to our Dallas hand surgeon.

Don’t pass the knife. Thanksgiving day is often spent in the kitchen with family. If you have a food prep buddy, don’t pass him the knife. Place the knife down and have your sous chef pick it up.

Stay focused. Your family is in town and you want to catch up. Great! But keep your mind on the task at hand. Keep your eyes on your hands.

Keep your fingers out of the cutting line. Watch where your knife is going. Keep your fingers out of the way. Far out of the way.

Let the knife drop! If you accidentally drop a knife, let it fall. You could do more damage by trying to catch the knife.

Keep a tidy kitchen. If you’re taking a break, place the knife away from your counter’s edges and rest the blade away from you. When you’re done, wash the knife and store it.

Prep your Thanksgiving feast carefully to avoid a trip to the ER

Practice mindfulness when you prep food and keep your fingers, hands and arms away from the knife blade.

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From all of us at Texas Hand Center, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Now please pass the pecan pie!


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